Listening to the needs of its customers, NICO & Co has recently developed a barbershop service. A need for the bearded man, a pleasure for those who love to be clean shaven, the barbershop service has become a part of male beauty care today.

To maintain a three-day beard, create a hipster look, outline a mustache or simply for your own relaxatuib, our barbershop service is for you.
Although the “Neanderthal” look suits some, most men are looking for guidance with their beard.

The barber will provide you with an assessment and advice on how to maintain your beard.

Located on the lower level of the salon, the barber’s chair is specially designed for your comfort and relaxation. In a masculine atmosphere, NICO & Co has dedicated a space to relax in the professional hands of the barber. After preparing your skin, he will give your beard a traditional trime and/shaping. We then massage your skin to moisturize it and apply a hot towel to complete this moment of relaxation!

Naturally our barber can give you the advice you need to maintain your beard and skin at home between visits.